ASTM D5470 Based Thermal Interface Material (TIM) Tester

LW-9389 TIM Thermal Interface Material Tester

ASTM D5470 Based TIM Tester


LW-9389 TIM Tester is based on ASTM D5470-06 Standard which is applicable to both homogenous and heterogeneous materials. Thermal impedance of different types of materials can be measured with this device and thermal conductivity of thermally conductive electrical insulation materials and TIMs can be calculated. Testing conditions can be set with temperature and pressure to simulate real applications for accurate results. The law of heat conduction, Fourier’s law, and guarded heater method are both applied to the apparatus. 


Located near the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, our laboratory in Livermore, CA is available for researchers to reserve and conduct tests. Our engineers are on-call for any assistance and guidance. 

Testing Services

Samples of materials can be sent to our laboratory and our thermal engineers can conduct the tests and send the results in an electronic format.  Thermal impedance and conductivity results can be measured and calculated for many thermal interface materials as well as metals, plastics and PCBs. For an in-depth overview of our TIM tester services, please visit our service page

What is the cost and turn-around time of the test?

Testing of thermal interface materials (TIM) at MyHeatSinks are accurate, quick and cost effective. The average time for testing one material is 2-4 hours. However, due to equipment availability and scheduling, the typical turn-around time is one week. In case of a major holiday or an event like COVID-19 pandemic, the turn-around time will increase to two weeks.


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