Our testing instruments provide a range of testing services depending on your needs. Our thermal and mechanical engineers can conduct experiments based on your requirements and present the results in electronic formats. If you do not see what you are looking for on our website, please feel free to contact us. We do our best to find the best accommodations whether it be here in California or in Taiwan.


Thermal Wind Tunnel Tests:

Fan Performance (P-Q) Test

Measures the relationship between the static pressure (P) and air flow rate (Q) of a fan or blower, ...
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System Resistance Curve (SRC) Test

To measure the system resistance curve (SRC) of computer, server and other electronic devices, using a LW-9185 wind ...
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Thermal Resistance Test in Forced Convection

To measure the thermal resistance (R) of a system in forced convection, with precisely controlled airflow rate (Q), ...
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Thermal Testing Services:

ASTM D5470 Based Thermal Interface Material (TIM) Tests

LW-9389 TIM Thermal Interface Material Tester Long Win’s LW-9389 Thermal Interface Material TIM Tester is ...
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Heat Sinks & CPU Coolers Test

To measure the thermal resistance of heat sinks, heat pipes, CPU coolers and other thermal ...
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Natural Convection Test

Measures the natural convection performance of a system at room or elevated temperatures, using a ...
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In-Plane Thermal Diffusivity & Conductivity Test

To measure the in-plane thermal diffusivity and conductivity of thermal graphite and other anisotropic materials, ...
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Thermal Conductivity Test

Thermal Conductivity Test: Ceramics, Metal, Plastics, PCB, MCPCB, MCCL To measure the thermal conductivity of ...
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